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Carpet & Flooring for Multi family apartments, townhouses and condos

If you are a property manager or an owner and need flooring installed for a multi-family property, Main Line Flooring can help! We are a specialized contractor for flooring in Multi Family industry. We can carpet or lay any type of flooring in apartments, townhouses, condos and Senior Living centers.

Main Line Floors will gladly provide a competitive quote for new flooring to multi-family properties in South Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, Metro-Philly and Delaware. We supply and install all types of flooring (e.g., carpet, vinyl, tile, and luxury vinyl plank floors) for use in multi-family properties.

Looking to Replace Apartment Carpet?

Multi Family property owners or managers looking to replace or re-design their flooring and living spaces are dependent on quality service, installation and products.  From product specification to installation, our team can help you to coordinate every aspect of your project while adhering to your budget and deadlines.

South Jersey Multi Family Carpets

At Main Line Floors & Interiors, we realize that property managers face “never ending” challenges. In terms of flooring, we have the products, workmanship and solutions you need to meet your challenges. As textile, carpet and flooring experts we can help you.

Are you looking for low cost, quality products and installation to help you resolve durability and stain resistance issues?

Meeting Expectations!!!!

We offer a wide range of variety and stock several manufacturers to meet your needs and appease your residents. Whether you are a Multi Family owner, buyer, or manager, we can supply you with a large variety of high-performance and coordinated products from luxury vinyl plank floors to broadloom carpets.

Moreover, we provide the best product and installation for every property. Our goal is to help you extend the life and performance of your flooring products for your property.

Multi Family & Senior Living

At Main Line Floors, we have extensive knowledge of the Multi Family and Senior Living Flooring. We can help you with design and functionality. If you want more information and assistance, simply give us a call at 610-304-3222 or send us an inquiry from this page.

The Facts

With the ever increasing demand of baby boomers downsizing and considering multi-family or senior living communities, we know property owners and operators are challenged to offer dynamic amenities and living spaces to increase their occupancy.

With the aging population boom wanting to downsize and move into multi family properties, owners and management are faced with new challenges that foremost require the consideration of safety for their residents.

Seniors have varying degrees of health and agility.

Some Guidelines or Flooring Insight for Seniors in Multi Family Complexes


Textures must be true to what they are. If a railing or table looks like wood, but doesn’t feel like wood, it can be alarming. This occurs when two separate signals are being sent to the brain. One from touch and one from sight. If the two signals do not match, the person is left with feelings of unease and confusion.


In terms of flooring, there should be limited contrast between floors for Seniors. Did you know that Dementia can bring visual challenges? Where two flooring different patterns meet, concern may be created in your resident’s mind about stepping into some new space . Problems associated with the brain that cause memory loss, can also affect sight. This, incorporated with general age-related eyesight deterioration, can make it increasingly difficult for a resident to discriminate the differences between textures on the floor. As such, shiny surfaces can appear wet, and dark surfaces can look like holes.

Senior Living Floors Luxury Vinyl Plank

How to Choose Flooring in Assisted or Senior Living Centers

Choosing carpets, throw rugs, or hard surface flooring typically is a matter of personal taste. Our Seniors moving out of their family home might be very fond of their stair carpet, tiled kitchens, or ornament throw rugs …. but they can be hazardous in a Multi Family property.  Once a senior resident is inflicted with dementia, it behooves us to seriously consider all the surfaces they walk on. The last thing that you – or they – want is a fall.

Falls just don’t cause physical injury. They can also shatter the confidence of a senior and lead to a rapid physical and mental decline.

Contrasting Colors

Color choices in designing for senior living typically is a matter of taste. However, while deigning a harmonious living space you may want to consider how colors effect psychological mood here.

With color considerations, be cognizant that natural thickening of the lens of the eye with age, causes the elderly to possibly experience colors as ‘washed out’. As such, blues, greens and purples harder to differentiate. Additionally, color preferences can change, and loved ones with dementia experience increasing sensitivity to all things. As such, it is necessary to create a balance throughout the journey of the disease.

Contrast can be used to help define objects more clearly and establish boundaries. The use of contrast is extremely important for defining marking edges of things and drawing attention to furniture or other tripping hazards. In design for dementia related visual problems we want to help people ascertain living and functional areas more clearly. For example, if a kitchen has a small step, coloring the step different to the surrounding floors will aid them to make appropriate responses and decisions.

Furthermore, picking out furniture in a color that contrast with the flooring will make it easier for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s to understand depth and spacial orientation cues.

However, drastic color contrasts can also create problems if it causes your loved one to think that there’s a step or a hole where there isn’t one.

Moreover, contrasting floor colors in assisted living can be used to indicate that certain areas are off-limit (i.e., staff & medical areas) or indicate a clearly different space like a kitchen.

In general, try to ensure that the color changes of floors between each room aren’t too drastic.

Flooring Thresholds

Thresholds, the strips of metal or plastic that fix flooring between different rooms, should be the same color as the rest of the floor surface.

Main Line Floors and Interiors is a specialty contractor in Multi Family and Senior Living Center commercial carpets and flooring. We proudly serve the Philadelphia, PA metro area, Delaware and South New Jersey region.

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