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Senior Living Flooring Trends

With the ever increasing demand of baby boomers considering senior living communities, all operators are finding themselves immersed in a marketing fight to increase occupancy. Amenity choice and Interior design has much influence over seniors decisions.

Innovative senior living design practice places a strong emphasis on creating a clean, comfortable and contemporary living space. To achieve this, it’s imperative that the design include the appropriate wall color, the proper furniture and, most important, the right type of flooring for seniors.

Since the 1990’s, a movement began to “de-institutionalize” senior living or the traditional nursing home. This shift focused on facilities becoming more individual oriented than the traditional institutional focus.  As such, residents, operators and care givers began to create more nurturing and accommodating communities together.

Considering the average age of a resident is now 82, there are about 70 million baby boomers a decade away from moving into assisted living communities. By 2030, 72.1 million Americans will be over the age of 65, and 6.6 million will be over 85. Not surprisingly, the number of Americans living in senior living communities is expected to double by 2030. These days, the resident’s influence has tremendous effect on the greater choice of amenities, services, and locations available across the continuum of care. The current trends in accommodation and market demand have challenged designers to create multi purpose care giving communities.

Assisted Living Lobby Modern Flooring Trends

How to Choose Flooring for Senior Living

Flooring and wall surfaces are essential design criteria to create attractive and welcoming environments.  However, in a senior living center, flooring  must provide a safe, stable and durable foundation to handle the needs of aging and disabled residents.

Whether the facility is independent living, assisted living or a Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), the choice of flooring is critical to minimize the risks to the health and safety of your residents and staff.

Balance Aesthetics and Function

Assisted living communities have to be designed to meet the needs of the all residents.  As such, designers are challenged to create an environment that has the feel of home while accommodating the needs of seniors who have mobility and vision challenges.

Evidence-Based Design 

In healthcare, evidence-based design is a field of study that deals with how the environment can influence a person’s well-being. It is believed that this design can make a real difference for people as they age, removing some of the stress, frustration and confusion from everyday living.

Designers are taking the results of these studies and incorporating them into their designs.  Design choices in flooring color and texture can lead to achieving a measurable goals of reducing disorientation, loss of balance and the risk of injury from falls.

Consider Movement When Selecting Flooring for Senior Living Facilities


For Senior Living, the importance of non-slip flooring and its effect on safety, comfort, acoustics and creating a warm and inviting environment is essential. We offer a complete portfolio of high-performance soft surface and advanced textile composite flooring products engineered to stand up to the multipurpose demands of senior living spaces.

  • Safety: Textured surfaces increase traction and underfoot stability, providing an ergonomically supportive environment that facilitates mobility and ease of movement.
  • Comfort: Underfoot cushioning reduces leg fatigue for staff and residents, while soft surfaces reduce visual glare and absorb light.
  • Acoustics: Sound absorption & noise dampening help create peaceful, inviting environments, and promote personal interaction and engagement.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Soft surface fibers trap allergens and airborne particles until they can be removed during cleaning.

Moreover, carpets constructed with low, dense piles can help seniors move more efficiently and feel more confident as they traverse the assisted living space.

Combined with the practiced approach of evidence-based design, our products provide a solid foundation for the healing environments ranging from independent and assisted living to Alzheimer’s and memory care facilities.

Research shows that carpeted floors can lead to physical and psychological improvements. The carpets we specify are inherently slip resistant, comfortable, incorporate into any design and offer noise reduction. Most important, seniors walk more efficiently and feel more secure on carpet. As such, from living spaces to entry ways, carpet is utilized in more places than not.


Senior Living Flooring

Carefully Select Colors And Patterns

Color is mostly a matter of personal taste. Culturally, some colors are associated with specific feelings that evoke emotions per our cultural understanding. So, it is important to consider resident and local community taste when designing flooring.

Please note, busy patterns and color combinations can inhibit mobility in residents with changes in vision, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Too much stimuli can cause confusion that creates an increased risk for injury.

Color and Pattern

In creating functional spaces for aging residents, designers need to understand vision changes. Although this adds complexity to color and pattern selection, certain overriding principles still remain:

  • Brighter colors may be used to emphasize more important areas of a room, supported by color contrast and additional light.
  • Color can encourage or discourage movement into certain areas.
  • Color schemes can be incorporated to assist in “way-finding” and orientation.
  • Color can be used on the walls in stairwells, corridors, and bathrooms to contrast with handrails and help with navigation.
  • Use as matte floor surfaces.  Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) Guidelines state: “Use of non-glare finished floors should be considered to avoid compromising vision and potentially disrupting balance of residents.”
  • FGI Guidelines state: “To prevent falls, flooring should have no pattern or a small pattern less than 1” wide or a large pattern wider than 6”. Flooring should have low-contrast patterns.”
  • Because the lens of the eye yellows with age, it is easier to see warm colors.
Assisted Living Carpet Patterns

Choose Flooring Options that are Easy to Maintain

With the increase of average age of residents, comes an increase in the risk of spills and incontinence.

Luxury Vinyl Plank in Senior Living

You have got to love Luxury Vinyl plank and tile floors.

The use of moisture impervious backing can significantly extend the life of the product. Products designed this way are the ideal choice for senior living communities. Furthermore, luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring are excellent choices for wet areas, like dining areas.

When it comes to flooring for seniors, luxury vinyl tile or plank represents an incredibly versatile alternative to the traditional carpet and hardwood options. Today’s approach is following closely in the design footsteps of the hospitality industry, where creating a home-like environment is the ultimate goal.

Created to enhance and perform, luxury vinyl tile and plank is becoming an ideal option for today’s new and more exciting version of senior living design.

Assisted Living Flooring

A Familiar Flooring Solution

Transitioning into a senior center setting can be a hard sell. That’s why maintaining a certain level of comfort and familiarity is of utmost importance. Customized and versatile in design, luxury vinyl tile and plank comes in a wide variety of design options — all of which are capable of striking a careful balance between being clean and comfortable, as well as long lasting and offering a feeling of luxury. A wood-look luxury vinyl tile and plank design is an extremely popular option in senior living design because it offers the comforting look of real wood without having to incur the added costs of installation throughout what is typically a large facility. Luxury vinyl tile and plank is also softer underfoot than hardwood and other hard flooring options.

A Stand-Out Flooring Design

In addition to offering familiarity to residents, the use of luxury vinyl tile and plank inside a senior center offers a unique opportunity to stand out among other facilities in the industry. Endless design options allow for creativity when designing the senior living space — no matter if it’s common space, dining rooms, kitchens, hallways or even the individual resident rooms themselves.

But while versatility in design is key, a senior center environment should offer a neutral and natural aesthetic that is inviting rather than confusing. Some seniors can experience confusion as a result of an overly intricate flooring design or patterns. In some extreme cases, residents of nursing homes have experienced symptoms of vertigo as a result of the flooring design. Whether the desired design aesthetic is active or more subdued, busy or more basic, luxury vinyl flooring allows you to achieve both ends of the design spectrum.

Healthcare Luxury Vinyl Design

A Capable, Clean and Durable Design

Because walkers, canes, wheelchairs and scooters are very common within a senior center setting, the flooring should be able to withstand this use. Luxury vinyl tile and plank, unlike carpet, caters very nicely to these different modes of senior transportation. Additionally, any damage done as a result of walking aids can conveniently be dealt with the ease of maintenance that luxury vinyl tile and plank floors promote. Maintaining a clean and sterile living environment is also easily attained with luxury vinyl flooring products.

Luxury vinyl tile and plank is incredibly adaptable, so much so that it can be easily integrated with existing carpet and/or other flooring designs within a senior center setting. It provides a smooth flooring option without being too hard or too cold.

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20 Replies to “Senior Living Floors in Philadelphia”

  1. Wow, this was seriously pretty interesting. I’ve never really noticed all the thought that needs to go into every decision when it comes to Senior Living. The attention to detail is a bit intense! So much knowledge about flooring — I had no idea! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Courtney,

      Thank you for commenting. Yes, thankfully the Senior Living market now demands superior service, hospitality and amenities. We are most appreciative that we can design beautiful yet function-able and safe materials into Senior Living decor. Thanks again!

  2. Jim,
    This post is so relevant to me now that both my mom and parents-in-law all use walkers. Recently my father-in-law fell and broke his thigh bone while attempting to stand on a floor rug. We ended up removing all the rugs in the house to make it safer.

    It is so important to have safe flooring options for our seniors, something that we take for granted whilst we are young and mobile.

    1. Suzie,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I can empathize with your pain as my mother (i.e., and active 81 year old) recently tripped over and area rug while sleep walking in her senior living home. Thankfully, she did not break a hip (but she did fracture her hip bone). This led to serious pain, time in the nursing care facility, time in a wheel chair, therapy and the need of a walker. Ultimately, she got better with time and no longer requires a walker. You made a wise decision to remove the area rug as we did for my mom. Safety is key and any attempt to remove fall hazards is the right move indeed. Thanks again!

      Jim at Main Line Floors & Interiors

  3. I’m a floor layer in New Zealand and honestly I’ve never heard of customized vinyl patterns. I’ve been through the training courses and everything so I’m interested to know how new is this type of flooring? Is it common in only certain countries? Thanks for the help.

    1. Brandon,

      Greetings my friend from New Zealand. Yes, customized vinyl patterns emerged from Europe and are the RAGE in the United States. Historically, vinyl and linoleum products where just sheet goods used to bring color, pattern, texture and ease of maintenance to home and commercial hard surface interiors. With the advent of vinyl tile and vinyl plank products, the industry took off. So many colors, photo images, natural patterns and textures can beautify any interior decor. Also, with modifications of products with cork and other “sponge” like materials, flooring options with a soft bounce or need for water repellent use has created some great flooring materials. Thanks again for the comment.

      Main Line Flooring & Interiors

  4. This is actually really amazing. I didn’t know about the specific details that were required for senior living. It’s good to know that you pay close attention to the different aspects of what will make seniors comfortable. Great job!!

    1. JB,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, it truly is heart warming to work in the Senior Living building environment today. The Seniors “drive” the operators to create exciting living spaces and cheerful environments surrounded by great amenities. Thankfully as designers and flooring experts we can see and build some awesome homes for our seniors. Thanks again!

      Main Line Floors & Interiors

  5. This is a really thoughtful and comprehensive article. I don’t think people always realise how important things like flooring are when designing homes, particularly for vulnerable people like seniors. Obviously one of the main concerns is falls risk – is there a good carpet option that provides some cushioning but isn’t so thick as to constitute a trip hazard?

    1. Amy,

      Thank you for your reply and compliments. We are trying to be very thorough when considering the safety and the elegance in the design of living spaces for our seniors. When seniors live and interact together in a large community there are going to be differing needs and styles to accommodate. Injury from falls can be extensive and that drives the need for flooring designs for safety (as well as maintenance functions). Yes, there are several broad loom carpet products designed specifically for seniors, as well as carpet tile products that hold rigidity and “cushion.” There will be other posts dedicated to these products. Thank you again!

      Main Line Floors & Interiors

  6. This was very informative and complete. One would never think about how much thought and consideration there should be on flooring for seniors. Well done!

    1. Yvette,

      Thank you for the comment and kind words. Luckily today, seniors are demanding higher standards from the operators of assisted living centers.

      Main Line Flooring & Interiors

  7. holly awesome information , a lot to think when selecting flooring for seniors. I can well imagine that walkers and canes can be very hard on the flooring finish .

  8. Now that I’ve read this article I’m not too happy where my dad is at. It’s all the cheap indoor carpeting. Although as far as I know, no one’s been hurt in the 2 years he has been there.
    Thank you for your informative article. And if I may say so, some of those floors are simply gorgeous!!

    1. Laura,

      There’s nothing wrong with cheap indoor carpeting. In fact, carpeting is very safe in terms of traction unless it is really cheap (e.g., already failing) and not properly installed or maintained (e.g., poor stretching and binding practice that create bumps or waves of uneven surfaces). Thank you for the compliment!! We work with some unbelievably talented designers and manufacturers to bring flooring decor alive. It’s really a passion of ours. Thank you for your comment.

      Main Line Flooring & Interiors

  9. I really enjoyed reading this article because it breaks everything down and let me see more in depth of floor designs. I worked in a medical field so I feel passionate about making sure that seniors are well taken care of and you pointing out the safety aspect of this made me really appreciative of your work. Like you said, colors and textures can have hidden psychological effect on people and I believe seniors could really use that type of extra care 🙂 I wish all nursing care facility could incorporate some of what you suggested here. Thanks again for this article.

    1. Mutsumi,

      Thank you for your input. Believe it or not, there is much consideration into the design of flooring systems for Senior Living facilities today. Obviously, safety is the primary consideration, but ease of maintenance as well as color and pattern choice to achieve a pleasant psychological experience (or feeling) is also a major consideration. You are so right in saying that our seniors do indeed deserve this extra care and consideration to make their living space exciting, comfortable, home-like as well as functional. It’s simply attention to detail that makes the difference. The designs in terms of safety must “work” for all residents who have varying needs. Keep up the good work in your medical field. Thanks again!

      Main Line Floors & Interiors

  10. I worry about my own elderly relatives falling and this is good info. Definitely something I will consider for their homes and especially when the need comes for them to move into a senior living facility. Thanks for your attention to detail and making people safe.

    1. Christian,

      Thank you for the kind comment. Yes, worrying about your elderly relatives falling is a major concern. Some seniors fall and cause disastrous injury that can take months of therapy to heal, or cause permanent injury that can lead to health spirals. Safety is the number one concern in design. Thanks again!

  11. Very practical and useful information here. This is great for families of seniors who are looking for a home for their loved ones.

    Thank you!

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