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Multi Family Carpet Contractor

Multi family apartments, townhouses, condos–if you are a property manager and need flooring done for a multi-family property, Main Line Flooring can help! We provide all types of flooring (e.g., carpet, vinyl, tile, and luxury vinyl plank floors), and are able to install in multi-family properties. Main Line Floors will gladly provide a competitive quote for new flooring to multi-family properties in Philadelphia, PA, Southern NJ and Delaware.

Apartment Carpet Replacement

Multi family property owners or managers looking to replace or re-design their flooring and living space depend on quality service and products.  From product specification to installation, our team coordinates every aspect of your project while adhering to your budget and deadlines.

Philadelphia Multi Family Carpets

At Main Line Floors & Interiors, we realize that property managers face unique challenges. All issues related to your flooring needs require special attention, especially durability and stain resistance issues. We have the products, solutions and workmanship necessary to meet your challenges.

We offer a wide range of variety and stock numerous manufacturers, and all the popular colors to appease your residents. Multiple carpet weights and textures are available. Whether an owner, buyer, or manager, we can supply you with a large variety of high-performance, coordinated products from luxury vinyl plank / tile floors to broadloom carpets

Client Expectations

We provide all construction and performance specifications for product selection purposes. Our unique and exclusive product programs provide the best product for every property. It is our goal to extend the life and performance of the flooring products installed in your properties by selecting the performance characteristics that meet the demands of every facility.

Product Integrity

Main Line Floors guarantees that the goods we install are first-quality productions of the same products and styles originally specified for installation by your company.

Multi Family Operators Flooring Criteria


Performance as it is measured in carpets is associated with several aspects. It is most important for the consumer as well as the specifier to understand how all these elements come together to work appropriately. Consideration of the appropriate end use and most importantly the “traffic requirements” correlates directly with the “construction” of a manufactured carpet.

The Benefits of Carpet:

Appearance:  Carpets simply add to the décor of your living space through the use of color, pattern, and differentiated pile heights to depict pattern. Carpeting can accentuate any image you desire to convey in your Multi Family property.

Style: With unlimited design of patterns, cuts, and colors, there is a multitude of possibilities to depict your style.

Feel: Hard surface floors can feel and look cold when not accentuated properly. However, carpets typically feel good, feel soft, and feel easier to the feet. Carpets provide that “softer” feel of home.

Insulation: Carpeted floors help save energy as an insulation barrier of the indoor environment. When carpets are used to insulate floors, they further provide a better psychological feeling of warmth.

Acoustics: Studies prove that carpets absorb sound. Carpeting with padding further enhances sound absorption. Movie theaters typically invest in wool carpets to fully utilize the acoustical absorption. Wool fibers provide the greatest acoustical advantages. However, the expense of wool deters most multi family operators to choose from the unlimited variety of durable synthetic fiber carpets.

Easier to maintain: Carpeting is less labor intensive to clean and maintain compared to hard surface flooring. As such, carpets cost less in overall product performance.

Safety: Unfortunately, more slip-and-fall accidents occur on hard surface floors than carpeted floors.

Health: Although carpet has been villainized as a culprit of poor indoor “air quality”, it is without merit. As a function of the living space, carpet basically entraps allergens, dust, and other contaminants holding them safe until they can be properly removed.

Sustainable: Technological advancements in recycling have been innovative in the textile industry. Almost 85 percent of worn carpet remnants are recycled into new carpet. Moreover, textile manufacturers like Unifi (click on) make recycled yarn from plastic bottles. Unifi’s production has increased 20% yearly since 2009 and is used in brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Levi’s, Nike and Ford.

Cost savings: According to the IICRC (i.e., the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) carpet typically costs less over time than hard surface flooring in terms of initial purchase, cleaning, and maintaining.* See following note.

* The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification discovered that on an annual basis, hard surface floors require two and one-half times (2x) more cleaning time than carpet. Moreover, the cost of cleaning supplies are about 7x higher (i.e., more expensive) for hard surface floors than for carpeted floors.

Consider the upfront purchase price of your new floor relative to the varied installation costs. More than likely, the carpet expenditures (i.e., in terms of upfront cost, installation and cleaning expenses) prove to be more cost-effective over the full life of the product. As such, carpeted floors provide a better return on your investment (ROI).

Main Line Flooring Carpets


We guarantee our work and products.

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