Gray Colors and Gray Flooring Trends


Why Choose Gray

The colors that we choose to decorate our living spaces with are often said to be a reflection of our collective psyche.

Gray is a perfect color choice. It is timeless, has classic appeal and has several variations in shade. As such, it can fit any room and suit any decor style. Gray floors can be found used throughout the modern, minimalist, rustic, beach and other decor styles. From a care and maintenance perspective, those pesky scratches and spots will not “catch your eye” on gray floors as with polished or dark floors. Moreover, gray floors do not deliberately make a statement, but they will delicately highlight the decor and make your space look “light and airy.”

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Gray is a Neutral Color

So, why use neutral Colors? Neutral color schemes for living spaces have the inherit ability to:

  • Create a calming environment. Neutral colors tend to be less psychologically demanding on the eye than bolder shades and tints, like red, yellow and deep blue. As such, this creates a soft and sophisticated ambiance.
  • Set off other brighter colors. Neutrals make other colors pop and they are the best choice for this purpose. They complement almost any other color, ensuring brighter colors stand out beautifully.
  • Go with any decor. Are you someone who enjoys changing the decorations or furnishings on a regular basis? Using neutral paint colors in your living space avoids the issue of having to regularly repaint.


In 2018, there was a slight style shift toward a warmer toned gray flooring. The term, “Greige,” has come to reflect this tone as it refers to a color that is between gray and beige. Just like other neutral colors, Greige can go with just about everything and brings more life to a room than the traditional cooler grays in the past recent years. These colors were thought to inadvertently make a living space feel somewhat cool and a little uninviting.

Color psychology maintains that gray doesn’t have a ‘personality’ of its own. However, when gray is paired with any other color, it allows that color to be visible while gray takes a back seat. The key to choosing a complimentary  gray shade is to pick one that comes from the same harmonious color family as the colors you want to use.  As such, it will harmoniously resonate and not drain the other colors.

The Psychology of the Color Gray

  • Gray is the color of conformism. As such,  it does not have a personality of its own. Gray can appear both mild or darkish depending on the colors that are mixed with it.
  • Gray is generally considered an unresponsive color. As such, it is unattached, neutral, impartial and also indecisive.
  • As gray becomes or approaches a darker spectrum, it is believed that the color becomes extraordinary and also mysterious. On the other side, as gray reaches silver and white-color hues; the greater it becomes in highlighting and achieving a dynamic existence.
  • Gray is thought of as being both still and emotionless. Gray is strong and steady, making a feeling of cool and characteristic as self-restraint, and alleviates you from a riotous world.
  • Gray is not thought to invigorate, empower, revive or energize. From color psychology point of view, gray looks moderate, dull and discouraging. But at the same time it looks exquisite and formal, yet never captivating.
  • Gray is the color which is connected with maturation and obligation. Moreover, because of its neutral appearance, it is the reason stylists frequently utilize it as foundation shading.
  • Based on color psychology Gray can also be monotonous and conventional. Supposedly, if you like the color gray it shows your Intellect, futurism, modesty, and sadness.
  • When it comes to color psychology, those who love a gray color are the ones who try to protect themselves from the world around them. It shows that these people prefer a safe and balanced existence. Moreover, it may indicate that they want to control their emotions to avoid an emotional pain.

Gray Flooring

What types of gray flooring are available? In 2018, all flooring options are available in gray tones. Manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon to offer you everything like tiles, luxury vinyl planks, vinyl sheet goods, natural woods, laminates, engineered hard woods, concrete and stone. As such, the choices are endless and all variations can be easily mixed together.

Gray Wood Floors

Wood is out favorite material to choose from floor boards, laminates, and engineered hard wood floors. Wood makes any space cozier. However, some consideration needs to be made relative to the finishes on the market today to ensure a long-lasting service life. Hard woods can be wildly range in price (i.e., due to grade and surface protection) and such a long term investment must be considered because it is the most fragile cover of all flooring products, especially if you have kids and pets. There are multiple shades of gray woods to choose from, but my personal favorites are whitewashed planks. To me, they look stylishly chic and vintage.

We Love Gray

Gray is the cooler and chicer cousin of white that has been in vogue for the past five years. It is a neutral color that can create a calming, elegant or even electrifying effect, making it the perfect option for any decor and personal style. Gray house paints and flooring come in an array of hues, from subtle pale shades to deep rich pigments.

Best Wall Colors for Gray Floors

In recent years, gray flooring has taken the market to become the norm. A gray floor is a great neutral color and offers a variety of color pallets to build off of those various shades. Since we continue to love it, it does beg the question – which wall colors work well with gray floors?

Since gray flooring has become the norm, so too have gray wall colors. Many in urban areas, as well as suburbanites love the monochromatic room design (gray on gray). However, choosing the right wall color for a gray floor can either be difficult or fun. To help, our team compiled some winning color combos to help you pick the right wall colors for gray floors.



This is an obvious combo, but we do not want to advocate any color of white paint color. We want to use white wall colors that are inviting, rather than those that blind us upon entry. These colors should be on the warmer side of the spectrum. We also recommend using these white colors with gray flooring that feature a brown or beige undertone. Consider these white tones (plus a beige accent) for your walls:



You will not be disappointed using a dark blue wall color to complement your light gray floor. If these blue colors don’t cut it for you, you can also consider other jewel-toned wall colors.


Well-designed monochromatic rooms can pop. To nail this look, use different values, tints, shades, and tones of gray. The use of different grays, can accentuate and relieve a room from feeling like it’s one tone. In our rendition of a monochromatic gray room, we’ve paired with two grays (plus a white accent):


We advocate this color combination because of its tranquility. Who doesn’t love a little bit of tranquility in their lives, right? When you go this route, balance out these muted teal colors with a beige color to warm up the room.


This can be considered a classic gray color combination. The energy of the color yellow is balanced by the soothing nature of gray. We recommend using this color combo if your gray flooring has an aged quality to it.

Main Line Floors and Interiors focuses on high end residential and commercial carpets and flooring. However, Main Line Floors has great products and installations for Builders, Multifamily, Senior Living and the Real Estate Investor / House Flipper. We proudly serve the Philadelphia, PA metro area, Delaware and South New Jersey region.

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5 Replies to “Gray Colors and Gray Flooring Trends”

  1. I am a big fan of the color grey and wear some shade of it almost everyday, I have never decorated with the color grey but buy items that are grey like plates and appliances. Not too long ago for a weekend I stayed in Air BnB that was decorated with grey tones and it was nice. If I were to design a place I probably would start with the Greige color.

  2. I’ve always felt gray to be a great color to choose from and as such, it was a theme of my own apartment back when I spent time in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. My walls, curtains, and even shower curtain were gray and I loved every second of it. It doesn’t pop out, but blends in with its surroundings, offsetting everything around it. I even have a lot of gray in the place I’m in today and will likely continue to do so for years to come.

    While I’ve never used gray flooring anywhere, when I do decide to purchase my own property I’ll be looking deeper into it now that I have this article and know it works well with other colors. It’s, if anything, worth a look.

  3. I love a grey floor – I just need to convince my husband that grey is not a passing trend and is here to stay.
    The colour psychology of grey is quite interesting. It seems like it is the perfect base for a room, that will make any statement pieces in it shine!

  4. Great article!
    I agree in somethings, but I had an experience with a room that it was gray on gray and I felt that it was too off, I felt that it needed some type of extra in a brighter color to give more life. But the general idea of gray and also combining it with beige, greige, is something that calls my attention and gave me some ideas for future projects in my house.
    Thanks for the article, I have found it very useful.

  5. Jim,
    Gray is a great color for flooring. I like the use on a accent wall or on the side of a island to highlight an area.
    Having your floor go up a wall is a great decor tip also, what do you think.

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