Coastal Area Rugs

Coastal Area Rugs by Main Line Floors & Interiors For several reasons, natural fiber rugs provide that “wow factor” when decorating a coastal home, beach house or shore home. But, if you are just desiring some coastal elegance and texture in your primary home. There are several natural fiber rugs that provide that intricate woven texture to …

Jacquard Innovation

Joseph Marie Jacquard: a Textile Engineer Revolutionary Joseph Marie Jacquard was a French Textile machine inventor who revolutionized the automated weaving production process for patterned fabrics.  In 1752, Joseph Marie Jacquard was born the son of a silk weaver.  He later entered the profession himself. However, Jacquard was a poor businessman and his weaving company …

Allergen Free Textiles in your Bedroom

Devan Chemicals, a textile finisher, just launched this past summer of 2018 an updated technology that helps textiles to become free from allergens shed by cats and dogs. Their new product is called Purissimo™. It is a probiotic-based solution that is completely natural, which was inspired by their experience with Purotex®. Purotex is a  textile treatment technology …


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